Plantation Tour

Taking leisurely walks through the coffee plantation is the best way to spend your time at Naad Mane. Our Estate is a home to a large of species of flora and fauna. Breathe in the tang of fresh air with a gentle breeze blowing against you as you walk through the green coffee plantation. Feast your eyes on the greenery.


When you are spending your holiday lazing around in our Estate discovering its many secrets, you are as likely to be lounging on the Coffee Estate overlooking life unfolding about Coorg culture.

4 x 4 Off Roading

Coorg is known for its tough terrain & off-roading is the best way to experience it. We can arrange 4 wheel drive experience for you in some of the toughest terrains with prior notice.

Recreational Games

We have for you some very simple games which will keep you engaged. We have playing cards, a chess board, carom (a traditional Indian board game)


Sitting in the cool shade with your fishing rod dangling over the water makes for a relaxed and lazy way to spend some time at our Naad Mane Home stay.

River Rafting

Will be organized during the monsoon between the months of July to October. It is a lot of fun and very adventurous too. The rafting lasts about two to three hours depending on the speed of the river flow. One can get to experience about 5-6 rapids, which will be a cherishing and memorable experience. A must try in monsoon season & is highly recommended.


We have many places where a trek can be organised. Coorg is a popular destination among trekkers for short and long treks. Once the guest arrives, we interact with them and suggest the place accordingly based on their interest and needs.

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Bicycles are available for non-guided trips along Coffee plantation trails and the back country roads. You can experience chirping of birds and the sound of rustling leaves and if you’re lucky you can spot some wild elephants and boars.


If your objective of a visit here is the pursuit of relaxation, then the options are many and varied, but top of the list would be spending the entire day hammocking away with your favourite book or listening to your favourite playlists.

Bird watching

Naad Mane is a densely vegetated area surrounded by miles of coffee plantation. It has become a sanctuary for birds and bird watching is one of the pastime that you are bound to enjoy during your stay with us. You will find different species of birds including several varieties of migratory birds. As you walk on the pathways just before sunrise or sunset, you can find hundreds of birds perched on the trees. It’s a treat to hear their chirping.


Stay warm and enjoy the serenity of nature sitting around the campfire. Relish on barbecued food and your favourite beverages. Have a fun filled dance night along with your family and friends

Outdoor games

If you’re a group or a family you can enjoy playing Badminton, Basket ball, Volley ball, Football, Cricket & Frisbee.

Organic Farming

You can indulge yourself in the farming activities like sowing, harvesting, pruning, manuring & also select & cook fresh Vegetables which is freshly grown in our estate . One can also feed and milk the cows if interested.

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