Raja Seat Coorg

Situated in Madikeri. A pleasant spectacle of refreshing layers of greenery, chain of high and low rise mountains attired with mist. The Raja Garden was  a all time favourite of the Kings of Kodagu who used to watch the setting sun and spend time with their queens here.

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Abbi Falls

It’s a treat to watch Abbi falls. It cascades 70 ft down to flow as a small river. The falls appear suddenly, the water cascading over rocks into calm pools. A path through coffee and cardamom plantation off the main road adds to the attraction of the falls. Enjoy the gushing, roaring beauty.

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Elephant Camp

Elephant camp is about 15 mins (8 kms) drive from Naad Mane. It’s know for elephant capturing and training camp of the Forest Department of Coorg. The wild elephants are tamed and trained with the help of other tamed elephants and local tribals. Here one can witness & also feed them. You can also take pictures with the majestic beast.

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Golden Temple, Bylakuppe

A must see for all the visitors of Coorg, just about 1 hour drive from Naad Mane. The 40 ft tall golden Buddha statues are the major attractions of Bylakuppe. It is unique, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Buddhism. Bylakuppe is the second largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet. There are nearly 7,000+ monks and nuns. They make handicrafts, carpets and incense. Tourists can shop for sweaters, dress material and accessories.

Tala Cauvery

Talacauvery is also a must visit tourist place when you visit Coorg. The temple is situated in a breathtaking location, in the lap of the Brahmagiri hills. The undulating layers of hills with stretches of green meadows is truly picturesque, seen from the temple. Talacauvery is a holy pilgrimage for the Hindus. It is considered to be the origin of the river Kaveri.

Irpu Falls

Situated in South Kodagu, 45 mins (33 kms) from Naad mane in a dense forest  is Irupu waterfalls, one of Coorgs major tourist attraction. The river descends into a water fall known as the Irupu Falls and takes a 60 meter plunge down amidst the lush green mountain. The water here appears like milk and is very beautiful to watch.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare elephant camp is about 50 mins drive from Naad mane. At Dubare Elephant Camp, a tourist not only spends time by simply watching elephants but is learning more about them. A trained naturalist is at hand to explain the various aspects of the Elephant history, ecology and biology. The visitor can also participate in various activities like washing and scrubbing. A ride on the elephant would be the cream of all the experience in the elephant camp.

Nagarhole- Jungle Safari

Nagarhole is 1hr 10min drive from Naad mane. It is a tiny hamlet located in the middle of a large conjoining forest range in south of Coorg. It is special among other wildlife sanctuaries in the area, thanks to its significantly higher population of wildlife especially of tiger and huge elephant herds. There are two safari timings in Nagarhole. One in the morning and one in the evening ( 06:00 – 09:00 and 15:00 – 17:00 Hrs). The possibility of spotting the animals are more during early mornings and evenings. Club your itinerary with Iruppu Falls, that’s close to the south entry to the park.